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spay/neuter services

Rescue Village is committed to providing spay/neuter services. All animals adopted from Rescue Village are "fixed" before they go home. If you need assistance, we offer the following public programs:

Spay Your Mama

The “Spay Your Mama” program is geared towards individuals with a pregnant female dog or a female dog with her new puppies.

Involvement in the program will consist of agreeing to surrender the puppies at 8 weeks of age to Rescue Village, where they will be fixed, vaccinated, and put up for adoption. The “mama” will then be spayed at no cost to the participant through Petfix*.¬† This is a win-win for both the puppies, who will easily find wonderful new homes, and the pet owner who will now not have to worry about any more unwanted litters.


To participate in the “Spay Your Mama” program, please contact Programs Coordinator, Erin Hawes, at 440.338.4819 ext. 14 or email


*Participation in program will be based upon Petfix qualifications.  Tolearn more, visit




Rescue Village endorses a feral cat population management method called Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). TNR works because it addresses cat overpopulation where it starts – uncontrolled reproduction. In TNR the cats are humanely trapped, brought to Rescue Village where they are neutered, vaccinated, and given a general medical exam. They are also eartipped (a tiny portion of their ear is snipped) to signal that they have been "fixed". The cats are then returned to their outdoor home – to live out their lives in a managed colony. They no longer reproduce and their nuisance behaviors, like fighting, spraying and yowling are dramatically reduced.


To participate, fill out an application here!

Frequently Asked Questions


TNR is a program for anyone who has identified stray or feral unowned cats that need fixed. There is a $20 fee. You must agree to care for the cat once it is released. Humane traps can be rented from Rescue Village.

This program is reserved for stray and feral cats living in outdoor colonies ONLY. Tame cats and kittens slated for foster and adoption will be spayed/neutered through the regular, low-cost service with PetFix and charged the low-cost services and fees. To view the TNR schedule, click here.

Please contact us for more information at 440.338.4819 ext. 14 or

A nonprofit regional mobile spay/neuter clinic, is working in cooperation with Rescue Village to reduce overpopulation by making spay/neuter surgeries affordable and accessible to low-income populations, feral cat caregivers, shelters, and rescues in Geauga County.

Rescue Village is committed to this spay/neuter program and hopes to offer this service to our community as frequently as possible, therefore, we maintain a waiting list of qualified participants.

The cost of the service ranges from $35 for a male cat to $80 for a female dog.

To qualify, you must show proof of government assistance or low-income. You will be asked to show a Medicaid Card or a copy of your W-2 Tax form. If you have a cat or small dog (under 30 pounds) and are in need of spay/neuter services, please call Rescue Village to obtain a registration form.

Please contact Erin for more information at 440.338.4819 ext. 14 or


PetFix Instructions


Fix It in the Farmland
Provides low-cost spay/neuter services in rural Geauga County.  Rescue Village partners with PetFix of Northeast Ohio to bring high quality services to qualifying low income and Amish residents. Funded by a grant from the Kenneth A. Scott Charitable Fund, this program's goal is to reduce the number of unwanted puppies and kittens in eastern Geauga County.

For information and to schedule an appointment for your pet(s), contact Joan Lax, Fix It in the Farmland Coordinator, at 440.338.4819 ext. 21.


January Clinics


When: January 16, 2015

Where: Middlefield Community Center


When: January 30, 2015

Where: Tractor Supply in Chardon